You Can Not Often Eat Sausage

1510167Nowadays, when store shelves are filled with a variety of sausages, many people are happy to buy them, because there is no need to waste time on cooking.

Where as it is more convenient to boil some sausages and, in just a few minutes, breakfast is ready. However, due to the fact that for many farmers fattening animals used various additives for rapid growth, they accumulate in the meat.

In addition, during the manufacture of sausages, various chemicals are added to improve the taste and color of the product, as well as to increase shelf life.

American scientists have shown that, in people who often use the sausages, the risk of stomach cancer increases by 40%, compared to those individuals who do not eat sausage.

Therefore, going to the store to buy food, it is better to give preference to natural meat, seafood, vegetables and fruits. Let time do you spend at the stove, preparing food, but maintain their health and improve well-being.

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