You Can Not Boil Water Again

1911166Unification harming our health appear in the liquid, which boiled two or more times:

a) Arsenic. The most negative effect on health has arsenic. It is present in water pipes, in order to destroy microorganisms. Of course, the arsenic contained in the water, which re-boil is not able to immediately deprive a person of life, but the use of the fluid over the years leads to disastrous consequences. Doctors voiced such possible diseases: diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, skin lesions, cancer, malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular disease, kidney problems. Going to such just not worth it.

b) Fluoride. When boiling water more than once, some fluorine compounds turns into fluorides. Scientists have proved that the presence of fluoride in water with a high probability leads to infertility in women may be a base addition predictive lag in children.

c) Nitrates. Nitrates are an integral part of our lives, because of their intensive use in the food industry as preservatives. However, the risk factor is under the influence of elevated temperatures in boiled water nitrates are nitrosamines, which is a cause of cancer and other diseases.

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