Work for a Computer Affects a Psychological Condition

Scientists from Tasmania, as a result of an experiment in which about 4,000 employees working in offices agreed to participate, were able to find out that sedentary work affects a person’s psychological state.

The fact that such a way of life adversely affects the heart system, impaired vision, the appearance of osteochondrosis, not to mention obesity, has long been known to everyone.

As for the nervous system, it also revealed a difference between people who are engaged in manual labor and those who work at the computer. It is proved that people of the second group are more often in a state of anxiety and insecurity.

Moreover, people who lead a sedentary lifestyle often experience a feeling of depression, therefore, it is recommended that such persons as often as possible rest.

In this case, the best vacation will be in nature, or go on tourist trips, preferably in other countries in order to change the situation and get new impressions, which will favorably affect the psychological state.

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