Women Were Less Likely to Want Marriage

At all times, a young girl from an early age dreamed that one day they will get married and they have a wonderful family.

However, modern society is moving away from such thoughts and increasingly tends to existence in solitude.

This is indicated by psychologists who are in evidence eloquently statistics. It turns out that modern women are less likely to want to get married. There are several reasons for that influence are:

Firstly, many girls are afraid to make a failure. In a world where constantly there are divorces and family scandals, it is very difficult to find someone with whom you could have lived all their lives.

Second, the unfortunate experience of previous relationships creates uncertainty in its happiness, so in order not to break the heart itself again, women do not want to be bound by formal marriage with a guy.

Third, the marriage contract has become very important. Many refuse to sign it, but because of this there are problems. Fear of losing their property in a divorce also stops many women.

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