Women are Advised to Eat Daily 1 Egg

21101623Chicken eggs – it is an invaluable source of protein and mineral nutrients for our body.

It is obvious that this product is currently capable of actively supplying our body beneficial trace elements. However, you will be surprised when you learn about another amazing properties of this product. It turns out that if you eat it every day for one chicken egg, it is possible to significantly reduce the likelihood of developing cancer.

In particular this applies to women. According to scientists from the US, it is due to regular use of boiled eggs it is possible to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by at least 15-20%.

Moreover, in this case, the use of lies in the yolk. Despite the fact that the yolk increases blood cholesterol when consumed in moderation eggs, it would be very useful to have a solution.

The optimal dosage – 1 boiled egg in 24 hours.

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