Without Social Networks Can Be Happy

1911167People who pay a lot of time, computers or smartphones, often have difficulty with the physical form of the body.

At the University of Copenhagen, experts decided to spend an entertaining experiment in which thousands of people have agreed to participate from Denmark. It turned out that the social networks that we love so much with the negative impact on the people.

Parties were divided into two groups. One group efficiently communicate and receive information in social networks. Another group closed their accounts. Also eliminated the mobile application on their smartphones for the purity of the experiment conducted. Yet few people from the group could not survive and are connected to Facebook.

And those who survived, offered to pass a survey about what they feel and whether they are satisfied with their lives. The experiment showed that those who shut themselves for a week social networking sites, it is quite satisfied with their lives. Reverse the result showed the group that spent time on the Internet, in their accounts.

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