Winter in the Room Should be Relative Humidity

Winter is the time of year when many people spend most of their time indoors, and it is not surprising, because, if the summer day, the duration of which is markedly longer, I want to get out into nature, to bathe in the river and enjoy the sun, the cold weather, most people prefer to stay at home.

However, as experts say, being a long time in the room, where, because of heating appliances is observed dry air, people often complain of feeling unwell.

The reason is that the lack of humidity can contribute to the manifestation of not only fatigue, but also a variety of infectious diseases.

The fact that the dry air in a much smaller volume of oxygen, due to lack of body in which the metabolism in humans and somnolence, weakness, and some even depressed.

In order to avoid this, as often as possible ventilate the room, no matter what the weather outside the window, do wet cleaning. A good effect is given green spaces, especially such as aloes, ficus, therefore, it is desirable that they were present at your desk and window sills.

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