Why there is cholecystitis?

07101625Many women often suffer from such diseases as cholecystitis.

It provoked a lot of unpleasant symptoms – by raising the temperature to abdominal pain and nausea. That is why it is very important to recognize the first symptoms of the disease as quickly as possible and seek medical advice. But even more important to try to do so, to prevent development of the disease.

Key factors that provoke the development of cholecystitis:

Malnutrition. If you eat too much greasy food, then you are at risk.
Prolonged fasting. Many girls often try to lose weight quickly and use fast techniques. This often provokes the development of cholecystitis.
Poor mobility. If you move a little and lead a sedentary lifestyle, the risk of developing this disease is very high.

Once you feel the first symptoms of cholecystitis, you should immediately make an appointment to see a doctor, because ignoring treatment can significantly worsen the course of the disease.

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