Why Should You Refuse Sweets

Some people can not imagine their life without eating sweets.

Nowadays there is a wide selection of sweets, cakes and cookies, from which can be difficult to refuse. On a cold winter evening, we do not notice in time drinking tea, eat a large number of confectionery products, it does not reflect what we are doing harm to the body.

Scientists have proved that dark chocolate, consumed in moderation, does not adversely affect health, it can not be said of the bar and other varieties of sweets. However, it would be better if you replace the sweetness of honey. Chinese scientists, conducting a number of studies have determined that those persons who refused to sweets, began to feel much better and suffer less from the appearance of excess weight.

Just thirty days after the diet of sugar was excluded, people both improved cardiac system. In addition, improved skin color, which, by the way, there are fewer wrinkles. Therefore, in order to survive as long as possible and still feel in good physical shape, try not to eat a lot of sweets.

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