Why Should Refuse to Eat at Night

Some people refuse to breakfast because they do not have an appetite, satisfied drunk a cup of tea or coffee.

During lunch, sandwiches or use a hot dog, but with regard to dinner, then in such cases it is always dense and satisfying, and it is not surprising, because during the day the body is not getting the energy it needs.

Naturally such a lifestyle is not recommended to conduct, because as overeating, just before bedtime, causes great harm to health.

Firstly, it threatens to obesity, which not only spoil your figure, but also can lead to diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. During sleep, the human body is resting, so those people who gorge on the night, waking up in the morning feeling tired, maybe that’s why they have and there is no appetite.

To those people who dine in less than two hours before bedtime, guaranteed heartburn and possible sleep problems, because among people suffering from insomnia, it is more likely to occur, such persons. Among other things, reduced the protective function of the body, meaning the immune system, which is to fight various infections and colds.

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