Why Japan Residents Rarely Encountered With Obesity

Scientific evidence shows that in countries where people eat more marine products, much higher life expectancy.

In addition, the number of people suffering from obesity, significantly lower than in those countries where people are more likely to eat meat and fast food. This is evidenced by the fact that in countries such as Japan and Spain, people live very long, and rarely complain about the state of health.

At the same time it noted that among the inhabitants of these countries, there is almost no obesity problem, especially for women, because in Japan, it is practically impossible to meet a girl with obesity.

But even among men, there is little excess weight is allocated, not counting fighters Sumo.

One reason for slender figures inhabitants of these countries is a diet, because in most cases it consists of seafood, olive oil, rice and green tea. Walk into any restaurant in Japan, you will see that in the menu there are no dishes cooked by frying in vegetable oil, because the locals use basically stew and boiled food.

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