Why during the Operation the Surgeon is Not in the White Uniform

About the people in white coats legends, because they saved more than one human life.

Not in vain, in case of any disease we hasten to turn to them for help, in the hope that they will be able to cure us.

Among the people this profession especially like to mention surgery, which sometimes have to make difficult operations even transplanted human organs.

But, as everyone knows, it has for many years, surgeons and their assistants at the time of surgery put on the form are not white, and blue or green. The fact that more than a hundred years ago, one of the greatest surgeons noticed that if abruptly translate gaze from red to white, and doctors are often faced with during their work, for a moment lost sight.

It is hard to imagine how this could affect the result of the operation, so he decided to give up the snow-white uniforms, changing its color to such. This choice has been made it is not by chance, because they are the opposite of red.

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