Why do Women Need to Drink Red Wine?

26101622Scientists from the California Council of Women, which is observed in ovary syndrome, drinking a little red wine each.

They found the effect of resveratrol, which is contained in the product in large quantities, on hormones.

This study involved thirty women with impaired function of the ovaries, which are divided into two groups, the first day was given a glass of red wine, and the second was given just juice. Before and after the study volunteers passed a blood test. It turned out that the first group of women to 23% decreased testosterone levels, and people from the second group it is even slightly increased.

After this experiment, women with PCOS is recommended to drink red wine.

Skpya – multiple endocrine syndrome, which is accompanied by infertility, obesity, excess hair growth on the body, most often on the upper lip.

Resveratrol – a substance secreted by certain plants for a protective response against bacteria and fungi. In sufficient quantity found in red wine, red grapes, peanuts.

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