Why do Women Gain Weight After Marriage?

19101625Many women after the wedding, very often complain that the figure is too bad and there was excess weight in the body.

In fact, a similar problem faced by about 25% of women who for 12 months after the wedding, time to dial 5 to 10 extra kilos.

Recent studies have once again proved the validity of this statement. It turns out that after a woman gets married, she no longer look after themselves and do not have so categorically refers to their appearance. All the restrictions and diet, which she had practiced, to be slim and attractive, it is no longer effective and provokes set of weight.

Another important factor – the pregnancy. While carrying a child, many women gain weight, so even after the birth they can not return to the previous form.

Nutritionists say that even after the wedding, it is necessary to adhere to the correct power and control the amount of calories that the body fat is not garnered.

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