Why Do So Many Women Choose Vertical Birth?

20101625Classical pose women at birth – horizontal.

However, in recent years in many countries around the world have been actively used, so-called vertical birth. Naturally, many pregnant women, this raises many questions. It is important to understand what it is – another fashion trend or a really good solution?

From the perspective of experienced sensations and complexity of the process, the vertical childbirth is no different from the horizontal. Moreover, if we ask ourselves obstetricians, for them vertical births are uncomfortable, because in a horizontal position to take the child much better.

However, in this technique, there are the positive properties. For example, according to studies, it was shown that vertical birth have a lower risk of injury as a mother and a child. In addition, the total duration of the contractions during labor reduces vertical for approximately 3-4 hours, which is also a positive factor.

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