Why do I Get Dandruff?

One of the biggest hassles of modern men and women – it is dandruff.

This skin disease of the head is often a very difficult to treat. By their nature, dandruff is nothing but particles exfoliate the epidermis, which form a kind of “crust” on the head. Dandruff does not allow the skin on the head is normal to “breathe”, so very soon there is a large number of concomitant diseases and problems.

First of all it concerns the deteriorating condition of the hair, the occurrence of allergic reactions on the skin and so on. Despite the fact that the modern market of cosmetics offers a sufficiently large number of creams and shampoos for dandruff, get rid of it is not so easy.

This is primarily due to the fact that she is a consequence of the presence of dandruff you have a specific problem, which provoked the formation of these particles peeling. To cure dandruff, it is necessary in addition to the use of appropriate shampoo regularly make special health mask to strengthen hair structure and restore the normal epidermis.

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