Why Can not Argue with the Kids?

050920163The relationship of parents and their children are always very complex topic. No one can give advice on how to bring up her child to the family has always been understanding and idyll. Many parents often scold their children, and sometimes do not take him seriously, and do not listen to them.
That is why very often children become withdrawn and mature in their secluded world that have created themselves.

For a variety of pranks and disobedience to parents constantly punish the child. At the same time, many criticized him or deprive certain gifts or toys for educational purposes. However, many child psychologists say that parents do not have to pass the reasonable boundaries in this regard. Sometimes, excessive tearing off anger on children and education in severity backfire. Sooner or later the child grows up and becomes a full-fledged personality. If childhood he had some problems, constantly heard in his address the abuse or even endured beatings, it can significantly affect his mental state and create serious problems in relations with their parents.

Experts recommend sticking to a balanced system of rewards and punishments, but to be loyal in the upbringing of their child.

Learn to understand your child

Proper parenting is to develop the identity of your child, to give him new knowledge and to teach him how to cope with certain tasks. If you constantly argue or ignore the opinion of your son or daughter, this may adversely affect the formation of personality. You must learn to listen to the child and understand it. Even if the opinion expressed by him is wrong or somehow contradicts your opinion, it is important to give the opportunity to express it and discuss it together. Only the right approach to mutual understanding and respect can be an assistant in this matter.

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