Why, After a Strict Diet to Gain Weight Fast

30111614How nice to look at a man who has a slim figure, especially for women who can not afford to put any outfits.

However, recently there has been a situation that walking down the street, much more common are people who, even at first glance, the extra weight can be seen.

In America, obesity is seen at the level of national disaster, as every citizen of the country is suffering from this disease. According to specialists, the main cause is improper diet, because it is very popular fast food items that are too high-calorie products.

Some people noticed at the appearance of extra kilos, sit on a strict diet, giving up many useful products, which are consumed earlier. After a while, with the active lifestyle you can get the desired result, but it should be remembered that during this period of disrupted intestinal microflora. As a result of this, and came to a normal diet, a person not only quickly restored former weight, but also increased.

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