Who Should Not Eat a Lot of Salt

1911163Modern man is hard to imagine that at one time salt was a scarce commodity and valued very highly, because now this product has become an indispensable absolutely affordable, both in quantitative presence in the market, and in terms of money, because the cost of very low salt.

But if we use the correct salt, because it has become so commonplace ingredient of our diet, we did not hesitate to add it to all the dishes.

It should be around to know the measure, and the use of salt – is no exception. A large amount of this product may adversely affect the metabolic processes in the human body, to delay a lot of excess water inside it. And also can increase cardiac workload. Excessive salt intake can lead to serious consequences – heart attack or stroke. In addition, NaCl (sodium chloride), from which mainly consists salt tends to reduce the level of calcium in the body that can cause depletion of bone tissue. Moreover, a surplus of salt gives a considerable burden on the kidneys.

Given the above, it is a familiar everyday product should not be used for people who suffer from diabetes, suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system and hypertension. Since the salt is contraindicated for those who have renal failure, as well as osteoporosis and low back pain. Furthermore, do not add salt to the diet of children under the age of one year.

But, despite the dangers of excessive salt intake, reject it completely, too, can not be, because it is necessary to maintain the water balance in the human body, as well as promotes the release of enzymes that help us recycles food. In addition, the taste of food with the addition of salt, clearly, much richer and more pleasant. The main thing is not peresloit!

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