Who is Not Recommended to Attend the Sauna

In many countries the sauna is very popular, and it’s not surprising, because here you can not only wash yourself, but also improve your health.

For example, for a long time the bath was used for the treatment of colds, provided that the patient did not have an elevated body temperature.

Frequent sauna visits favorably affect the work of the respiratory system, because steam acts as an inhaler.

During the stay in the steam room there is increased sweating, as a result of which the body is released from harmful substances. However, experts warn that visiting a sauna is not useful for all people, but only for those who do not suffer from various kinds of chronic diseases.

Especially dangerous is a sauna for people who have a malfunction in the work of the heart, because because of sudden temperature changes, there is a possibility of a heart attack. In addition, it is not recommended to go to the sauna for children who are under 12 years old, as well as for older people. When visiting a sauna, before proceeding to water procedures, it is necessary to disinfect all household items to avoid contamination with the fungus.

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