Who is more Likely to Suffer from Obesity?

2809201615One of the greatest challenges of our time is the presence of excess weight, which contributes to a number of different diseases. The causes of obesity are different factors. In principle, a person’s own fault that gained extra weight, as any of us are able to control their weight.

Japanese scientists have found that the more often obese office workers who lead a sedentary lifestyle and frequent snacking on the job only adds extra weight. And that’s not to mention the fact that the offices are often observed any ceremonial events, including birthdays of employees, which without a cake and a variety of sweets is impossible to imagine.

In order to save his fig in great shape, try to periodically give up treats and during banquets do not overeat. Furthermore, in connection with sedentary work, it is necessary for every two hours to perform light exercise. If your home is relatively far away from work, then discard the transport, giving priority to pedestrian walks.

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