Who Helps in the Treatment of some Diseases?

070920161Traditionally attributed to various cats mythical abilities. Moreover, it is believed that this animal is very well help in the treatment of various diseases because it has a positive aura. But until recently, there have been no documented or scientifically proven facts of this phenomenon.

For this reason, recent research scientists in this field have become a sensation. The results of the experiments, it was shown that domestic cats do have a number of beneficial properties for the health of their owners. First of all, it concerns the rumbling sound that cats make during rest or sleep.

So far it is not known how and why they do it, but for sure it was found that the frequency of the sound 25-150 hertz. The waves at this frequency accelerate the process of wound healing. Consequently, the injury to heal quickly, you just need to attach it to the cat. Moreover, scientifically it is proven that cats owners have 45% less risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Not All Cats Can Help You

About the benefits of cats for the treatment of various diseases, many experts say, but you should be careful. In particular, if the animal is neutered or sterilized, then it actually loses its healing abilities. At least this is evidenced by the results of clinical studies. In addition, pet owners are always at risk of being infected by worms and worms. It is very important to follow the rules of personal hygiene – do not kiss cats and regularly remove feline hair from furniture or clothing in your home.

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