While Watching Movies Pain Subsides

240920168American scientists conducted an experiment in which it was announced that the film viewing has a positive effect on our health. It turns out that in such moments, produces endorphins, which is able to quench the pain. However, they decided to check whether all the movies so a positive effect on the production of “happiness hormone”.

Two groups of people who took part in this experiment, watched different movies. The first of these has been shown the drama, and the second was given a film on abstract themes. After the end of the movie it became clear that, for those people who watched a dramatic picture and suffered emotional stress, pain threshold was higher.

This effect is also observed in people who watched the comedy tapes. As a result of these studies, scientists became clear that, for some reason people are more addicted to movies of the genre, especially since there is now a large selection of films, production companies worldwide, so that, in his spare time, watch and enjoy.

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