Which Option is the Most Durable Couples

For a long time scientists study human relations. And Liverpool University answered a question which pairs are most durable?

The researchers argue that the results of observations and statistics, couples in which the man apparently exceeds his woman is happy and most strong.

Outwardly attractive women are often too proud and do not tend to depend on the relationship with a man. The frequent change of partners, it is their way of life from which they have no power to give. Such a woman is rarely able to compromise. The probability of such a betrayal of the partner will always be extremely high. Based on this, not difficult to assume that the relationship between a beautiful woman and an ordinary man is often doomed to failure.

Exactly the contrary, in a situation when a handsome man, and his fiancee ordinary woman looks. As it turns out, men in relationships are more constant and hardly prone to changes. The relationship shown in the first case take a few months, whereas in the second case there is a certain balance. Men’s permanence and a woman accustomed to take all this for what it is creating nearly ideal conditions for long-term relationships.

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