Which Oil to Choose for the Frying

During cooking, it is impossible to do without the use of fats, both vegetable and animal origin.

Despite the fact that everyone claims that it is necessary to refuse fried food, and this, by the way, is correct, there are cases when it becomes necessary to make a frying.

In such cases, the landlady thinks about what kind of fat to use it, so that as few harmful substances are produced during the frying process. Experts believe that the most suitable is ghee, and also olive oil, in which carcinogens are not formed when heated.

As for oils obtained from sunflower, corn or other crops, they can be used only for filling salads. Thanks to the fact that olive oil is rich in useful substances, lately it has been increasingly in demand among residents of European countries, and this despite the fact that its cost is constantly growing. Therefore, in order to preserve health, give preference to these oils.

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