Which is Better to Use Products With the Flu

No one is safe from the viral diseases, especially influenza, in the event that you want to issue a medical certificate and undergo treatment procedure following the bed rest.

Those people who are afraid of losing their jobs, continue to work, regardless of whether they have been fever, thereby harming not only themselves, but colleagues, infecting them.

During the treatment of influenza, you need to adjust your diet food, the omission of some foods.

For example, do not eat fatty foods, any smoked products, smoked sweet carbonated water, juices, and even offered in stores, because the nutrients in them, there is little, but the presence of harmful dyes and high amounts of sugar.

Those people who think that with the help of alcohol can kill a variety of bacteria, are wrong, because alcohol dehydrate our bodies, which during his illness needs extra fluids. It would be the best cranberry juice, which not only reduces the heat, but also replenishes the body with vitamin C.

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