Which Coffee is Best to Choose

05111623Many people wake up in the morning, prefer drinking coffee, thinking that this drink is able to cheer up and lighten the mood, and such a procedure becomes a habit.

The majority of selected varieties of instant coffee, because both grains more trouble.

However, as it became known according to studies that have been conducted by American scientists, in the instant coffee contains a large amount of various additives such as flavor enhancers, colorings and many other substances harmful to the body.

If you can not imagine life without coffee, try to use it just beans. But the best option would be if in the morning on an empty stomach, you will drink a glass of water with lemon juice and honey. This drink will allow you to cheer up and improve the work of the stomach, and the coffee is better to drink half an hour after lunch. It is also necessary to remember that coffee has a shelf life, which should not exceed one and a half years.

People who suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease better from such a drink to opt out, replacing it with green tea.

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