Which Can Affect Hair Loss

For any woman her appearance plays a huge role in the life and the little things do not happen here, I mean, everything has to be beautiful, figure, make-up, not to mention the hair.

That hair had a nice natural appearance and are not brittle, for them requires constant care, but there are moments when the hair falls out.

Generally, a natural process, provided that they are lost per day is not more than one hundred, and if they remain in a large amount after washing, combing and even on the pillow, then the goal should alarm.

The reason for this may be a thyroid gland that affects metabolism, and in case of disturbances, may affect the quality of hair. The reason for the big hair loss may be an infectious disease such as ringworm, and if left untreated, it can go all over the body.

The psychological state of the person is reflected in the work of all bodies, including a hair, so, often during a strong nervous tension comes increased hair loss. Also, do not collect hair in a tight bun, because they violated the root system.

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