Where Better to Start the Day

02121615No wonder all the nutritionists warn that, from what products will be morning menu, depends largely on how you feel and performance throughout the day.

Generally human awakening, is a science, but by learning some of the rules, everything will be worked out to automaticity and literally two weeks later you will feel a surge of strength throughout the body. Remember once and for all, do not jump abruptly to bed and waking up, try to soak up the bed for five minutes, with two to three times a sweet stretch.

After the morning exercises and water procedures, you are ready for breakfast, which, under any circumstances, do not give up. The best dish is cereal, especially oat or buckwheat.

Also useful is the egg, boiled soft-boiled and a glass of green tea with lemon, preferably without sugar. You can eat dairy products, giving preference to private producers, because in the store no nutrients, almost does not happen.

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