When the Lie is Justified?

11111624A priori, lie close people and friends very badly. However, there are situations when a lie can be justified.

For example, if your friend or acquaintance starting any business, but it is not very good, do not tell him about it. Your words may disappoint him and to force to abandon the idea to continue working in this direction, so it is best to lie, but to support him.

Also, when you give a gift that is not very useful or pleasant, it is not necessary to talk about it out loud. You have to lie and say that you like it, because friends have tried, when you picked up the show. The main thing – not the gift, and the attention they have given to you.

It is often helpful to lie in bed. You must realize that you are right in this case may be very upset partner, so even if something he still does not give you the maximum pleasure, the best bit of spice to the reality and say that he is super.

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