What You Should Know When Elevated Pressure

With each passing day it becomes more and more people suffering from high blood pressure, and most surprisingly, this disease begins to appear in their early thirties, whereas a few years ago, it focused mainly on people over 50 years old.

The causes of this disease are many, first and foremost, it is the food that we eat, because, both because of the various additives clog our blood vessels.

Smoking also negatively affects the work of all organs. After each smoked cigarette vessels constrict, thereby increasing the pressure. Prolonged exposure to stress have a negative impact not only on psychological state, but also affects the pressure. Naturally overweight is a problem of many diseases, including that.

In order to normalize it, you must comply with certain rules, such as the use of only environmentally friendly products, thus excluded from the diet of fatty meats and limit salt. In addition to this, as often as possible to be outdoors hiking, with travel distances of 3-5 kilometers.

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