What You Should Know About Vegetarianism

In recent years, more and more people began to get involved in vegetarianism for different reasons.

Some people eat, so in order to maintain a slim figure or get rid of obesity. Part of the population, especially in India, do not consume the meat of the religious faiths.

Love for animals also plays a not unimportant role, because people give up meat, believing that in this way they will keep them alive. Among the famous people were vegetarians Newton, Leonardo da Vinci and many others. Subject to a vegetarian diet all the rules of human body gets almost all the necessary elements.

However, researchers have shown that people have such a shortage of B12 vitamin and amino acids, which are responsible for the formation of the blood, which in turn may adversely affect the nervous system.

For those people who have decided to carry on this way of life, it is not recommended to give up milk, cottage cheese. Regarding eggs, as a result of the data revealed that in the structure they do not contain harmful substances and their use increases the life span.

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