What You Need to Know About Cardio?

10111625If you want to effectively lose weight and reduce body fat in the abdomen, legs and hips, then one of the main recipes for success for you is the quality and correct training cardio.

Most experts and coaches agree that it is not just cardio helps securely protect the heart, but also to increase endurance, improve muscle tone and lose weight fast. However, you need to perform cardio right and not make mistakes. Here are a few basic rules for beginners:

1. Start with the cardio workout you need. Before you start running or cycling, good heat the body with workouts.
2. Dose its load. You do not need to train until you fall – everywhere need the norm.
3. The duration of training is not more than 45 minutes. It was this time should be enough for you to perform all the exercises without the health risks.
4. Take breaks. No need to deal with cardio every day. Higher results are in, if you will have only 3 cardio per week.

Regular cardio workout – this is your way to health and longevity, so be sure to add them into your weight loss program.

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