What Vegetables Are Afraid of Thermal Treatment

Virtually all the useful substances we get from food, which in turn are divided into useful and those that are better to refuse.

For example, these include smoked products, chips, semi-finished products and others. As for the recommended products, they include vegetables, seafood, fruits, greens, as well as fermented milk products.

Most vegetables can be consumed without affecting the heat treatment, but some cooks during cooking often fry or boil vegetables, which as a result of this process significantly lose useful properties.

In the first place, it is worth to include tomatoes that turn into useless products at high temperatures. The same goes for sweet pepper, which contains a lot of vitamin C.

Many people consume garlic in their raw form and do the right thing, because apart from being a natural antiseptic, it improves the blood condition, thereby preventing the appearance of blood clots, which can not be said for boiled or fried garlic, since more than half of the nutrients in it Disappear.

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