What to Watch for Women, after 40 years

Despite the fact that any woman after forty looks quite attractive and feels quite healthy and energetic, the body is naturally aging and, from each of them, how fast it will develop.

In order to be able to feel physically fit and not suffer from various diseases for as long as possible, experts recommend that after 40 years women should be more careful not only to eat their diets, but also to live more actively, paying at least 30 minutes a day Physical education.

With regard to food, it is necessary to include in your diet those that contain a large amount of calcium, in order to strengthen the condition of bones.

It is not recommended to refuse breakfast, because, at this time, the highest degree of metabolism is observed, due to which the maximum number of calories is burnt. Most of the organism is destroyed by nervous stresses, from which it does not only worsen the work of cardiac activity, but also the metabolism is disturbed, which affects the appearance of excess weight.

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