What to Look for When Choosing Dried Fruits

After winter, when our body did not receive the necessary amount of vitamin, in the spring in some people because of their lack, there is the appearance of various diseases, both colds and viral.

In order to replenish your vitamin supply, you should include dried fruits in your diet, because during this period of the year, they contain the greatest amount of useful substances.

However, when choosing this product, you must follow certain rules. Appearance of dried fruits should be natural, because, with normal cooking, drying of plums, apricots and grapes occurs in the shade. However, in our time, some manufacturers use sugar syrup, after processing in which, fruits look much more attractive, but the useful properties in this case significantly worsen.

As for prunes, it should be well dried and have elastic properties that will not allow it to turn into porridge after pouring hot water. When choosing raisins, pay attention to the fact that the fruit stalks of the berries were dry.

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