What to Look for When Buying Fruits

For the normal work of our body, it must be constantly replenished with vitamins, especially in spring.

It is at this time of the year that the processed fruit is sold in shops most often, and this is not surprising, because the bulk of them were removed in the fall and that they did not deteriorate, some entrepreneurs treat them with substances that are harmful to our health.

When buying apples, you should not choose those fruits that differ in gloss, despite their attractive appearance.

Identify the good quality of apples by the smell that the fragrance should produce. Also, one should not buy those fruits that have damage, even minor patches, because the decay process already occurs throughout the apple.

The same applies to bananas, when buying is to follow the rules, the greener, the less time they were stored. As for citrus cultures, they should be dense, and zest with a slight sheen. However, most experts say that in spring there are more vitamins in dried fruits or those stored in frozen form.

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