What to Don’t Suffer From Winter Depression

In order to avoid winter depression, which occurs due to the insufficient number of sunny days, it is necessary as it is possible to be outdoors more often, preferably during the day, as well as being in the room include more lighting.

Lack of light adversely affects our health and general well-being deteriorates, therefore, it is in the period of the year people tend to eat more sweets, bakery products, which then has a negative impact on the figure.

Among European countries, the highest life expectancy Spaniards boast, because at the present time in this country is home to more than 100 thousand people over the age of one hundred years.

One of the causes of longevity is the large number of sunny days, as well as, meals, because in their diet there is the largest number of marine products, vegetables and herbs.

But the most important thing is that a large number of events held in Spain, which do not allow people to get bored and uplifting. In order to overcome the depression in the winter, you need to lead an active lifestyle, while visiting solarium, sports.

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