What to Do With a Thermal Burn

Almost every person should know how to provide first aid in case of unforeseen circumstances, both to people around him and to himself.

Nowadays we use various mechanisms at work and at home, so there is a possibility of getting various kinds of injuries, including burns, which are very painful and, depending on the degree, tend to heal for a long time.

In order to prevent the entry of microbes and reduce the pain sensation, the burn site should be rinsed with cold water. Such a procedure will affect the fact that the blister does not appear, which can later burst. It is recommended to treat the affected area with a special ointment, and use a bandage bandage to prevent germs from entering.

But you can not use a band-aid, because the wound will not breathe and inflammation can begin. In the event that the pain does not cease for a long time, it will be best to seek the help of a specialist who will treat the wound and give appropriate recommendations.

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