What Threaten Early Vegetables Contain

Despite the fact that the sowing work on the land has not started yet, the store shelves are already filled with fresh vegetables and herbs.

Naturally after the winter, when our body did not receive the necessary amount of vitamins, there is a desire to buy them, despite the fact that their prices are high.

However, some experts warn that when buying should pay attention to their appearance. The fact is that all vegetables have nitrates in their composition, which in normal quantity do not harm human health. However, in order to grow these products in winter, in addition to artificial lighting, farmers use fertilizers with a high content of nitrates, thanks to which vegetables grow in greenhouses.

In order to avoid undesirable consequences from the use of such products, when buying cucumbers, choose fruits of dark green color with a thin skin. The same goes for greens, which should not have yellow spots. If after eating fresh vegetables there were pains in the abdomen, nausea, then this indicates poisoning.

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