What They May Testify Circles Under the Eyes

Some people often have blue circles under their eyes, which is not naturally an adornment, therefore, people try to get rid of them as quickly as possible, while using cosmetics more often.

Naturally, this makeup does not contribute to the disappearance of circles, but only temporarily hides the blue.

The causes of the occurrence can be various, starting with the general fatigue of the body, when a person takes a lot of time to do heavy, physical labor, while constantly not getting enough sleep, ending with diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

In addition, smoking affects the color of the skin and the general condition of the human body, because in our time, tobacco manufacturers add various chemicals that enhance the aroma and simultaneously cause dependence.

The same goes for non-moderate consumption of alcohol, especially beer and strong drinks, because natural red grape wine has a positive effect on the body. Due to prolonged eye strain, for example, working at a computer, as well as not only darkening under the eyes, but also swelling may appear.

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