What the Represents Lipoma

In some people on the body appear condensations in the form of tubercles, which do not bring pain.

These are the adipose, or as they are scientifically called lipoma.

The causes of their occurrence are diverse, in most cases it is a heredity, but often they appear due to hormonal disorders or as a result of injuries, as well as due to frequent use of alcohol.

According to medical experts, this tumor is very rarely malignant, therefore, having consulted a doctor, you can get full information about whether it should be removed. Usually, surgical intervention is resorted to in cases where this wen interferes with movement or is in a prominent place, for example, on the face.

The operation is usually painless and within minutes, after which the patient usually goes home. However, there are cases when such a seal from a benign tumor can turn into a more serious illness, therefore, if its shape changes in size, do not postpone the visit to the doctor.

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