What Temperature Should be in the Premises Winter

With the arrival of winter, there is a need to heat apartments and houses, which is used as a central and individual heating.

In order to create an optimal indoor temperature, and it must be within 24 degrees, many people use electric heaters, hot enough since the battery.

With prolonged use of the air in the rooms becomes dry, which may cause a number of different diseases, ranging from allergies to more serious diseases. Therefore, using such devices, humidify the air, preferably by means of cleaning floors.

Similarly, the high temperature adversely affects the general condition, especially uncomfortable feeling people with heart disease. Furthermore, when the room is hot, the bacteria proliferate much faster here. During the influenza epidemic, some people are laid out in the premises of chopped onion or garlic, believing that these vegetables can kill germs, but they are effective when they are used, but not in this application form.

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