What should I do to be Cheerful and active

0311167Some people notice a for symptoms such as lethargy, fatigue, unwillingness to work, and, apparently, the reason for this does not exist, because there is no disease.

Most likely, your body is just tired and guilty of this in the first place, you, as the wrong plan your day.

Usually this condition in most people occurs in autumn, when the days are getting shorter, cooler weather accompanied by frequent rains, and most of the free time you spend lying on the couch and sitting in front of computer.

To cheer up your body you need to revise your diet, include more foods containing protein. As for sweets, then this time you are well suited honey and dark chocolate.

Exercise, even a morning exercise for 10 minutes, warm up the muscles, and improve your tone, as well as go out more often on the street to get some fresh air, and the walk 2-3 kilometers on foot.

Do not forget about the dream, which is to last for at least eight hours a day, and, to go to bed no later than 22.00 need to sleep.

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