What Should be the Dinner

Some people who are trying to lose weight, sometimes completely refuse to dinner, preferring to eat four hours before going to bed a small portion of salad or an apple, thinking that this is enough to satisfy your hunger and will not receive the extra calories.

Spanish scientists, conducting a number of studies, as well as the largest number of centenarians is well known in this country, having among them a survey, how they managed to reach such a venerable age, at the same time feel in good physical shape, have concluded that a person needs to eat at least five times a day. At the same time during a dinner diet should consist of protein.

One of the best recipes is cooking omelet with fresh tomatoes and herbs.

Also, there is a fish on a couple of very good dish, the more so with the advent of modern technology, such as multivarka, cooking does not take much time.

It is equally useful for milk products, only that preference should be given natural species, which can be purchased from private entrepreneurs, because as a store products that have a long shelf life, is made with harmful additives.

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