What Should be the Diet of Women After 50 Years

In order for a woman to look slim and attractive at any age, you need to watch your diet, especially for those individuals who are 50 years old or more.

In Spain, where the number of centenarians in the past few years has quadrupled, with most of them women, journalists conducted a survey among those who have reached the age of a hundred years. The main question that interested journalists, this is how they managed to live to such a ripe old age, avoiding serious diseases.

Most of them replied that the important thing is optimism, which allows to be confident in the future, as well as the need to spend time every day to engage in their favorite thing.

As for food, many of them said that among the many products that they used, preference is always given to seafood, vegetables, herbs, fruits, as well as olive oil, nuts and honey. After fifty years, it is recommended to limit the consumption of coffee, alcohol, not to mention the salt, excess of which in the body causes a number of serious diseases.

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