What Should be the Breakfast

Human health depends on many factors, one of which is powered, rather the extent it is correct.

Today we talk about the breakfast, which is considered the most important meal.

Many people, especially those who are always in a hurry to work or school, give up breakfast, at best, replacing it with a sandwich with tea. Its such an attitude to food intake, often they explain the lack of time, unaware of the harm they cause to their health. The fact that it was a full breakfast will help to gain strength for the whole working day, improve your mood and will present cheerfulness.

Of what should consist breakfast? Firstly, there must be present a protein which abound in milk products, as well as in the egg, the more researchers have proven that eating the product, increased life expectancy.

Also, in the morning menu should include foods rich in fiber, but the sugar and all sweets, should be abandoned. Vegetables, fruits, all kinds of nuts, all of this should be present on your table during breakfast, which should be no later than one hour after awakening.

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