What Should be the Breakfast January 1

Most people, in order to celebrate the New Year well, buys a large number of different products that are rarely present in the everyday table.

This red and black caviar, other seafood, a variety of smoked delicacies, not to mention a variety of salads.

Noting this holiday with family and friends, of course, he is not without a glass of champagne and other alcoholic beverages, so waking up in the morning, sometimes there is no appetite, but do not give up on breakfast. At the same time, gastroenterologists are not advised to eat on an empty stomach remaining salads, especially those in which there are sauces.

The best breakfast is oatmeal, as this dish is not only smazhet stomach wall, but also removes the inflammatory process, if it is the result of overeating. Also, you can make an omelet, which add more than milk.

As for dinner, it is best to fit a light vegetable soup or chicken broth. But do not forget that during the New Year, it is best to control the amount of food eaten, not to mention alcoholic beverages.

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