What Should Be Done After Bloating

08121615If for a long time many people unable to comply with the proper diet, eliminating from your diet fatty and fried foods, preferring fruit and vegetables, during holiday feasts, when in front of you a lot of delicious dishes, the more beautifully decorated, it is difficult to resist the temptation.

And if we add to this also the consumption of alcohol, it is almost impossible to control themselves, resulting in overeating occurs.

Since this is not a pleasant feeling, some persons have resorted to the use of drugs, including laxatives, which is not recommended, since they do not yield the desired effect. It would be better if you drink warm hours with the addition of mint, as it is this plant is able to improve the process of digesting food.

Also, it is not recommended to go to bed at once, and it is better to go for a walk, which should last at least 30 minutes. The next day, usually occurs a state where there is no appetite and a desire to go on a strict diet, but not to do this, and it is better to eat a small portion of oatmeal, which stabilizes the operation of the entire bowel.

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