What Should be at Room Lighting

In autumn and winter, when the days are short, we often feel a lack of natural light, especially because usually at this time there is often cloudy.

Besides that, due to lack of sunlight observed loss of vitamin D, also deteriorating vision, general health, causing irritation and often shows reduced efficiency.

According to statistics, it is at this time in some people there comes depression, which leads to very serious changes in the body. Therefore, try to lead this time as much as possible a more active lifestyle and do not succumb to melancholy. Staying indoors, both at home and at work, if possible, try to include as much artificial light.

When buying bulbs, give preference to those that emit natural light. Working at the computer, place it on the table so that the monitor did not get the light from the window. At night, turn on the light, not only on the desktop, but also do so to illuminate the entire room.

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